Cuccio Mini Cuticle Revitalizing Oils 4-Pack CNSC8451 is based on natural oil safflower oil, it contains various fruit extracts and plant extracts to moisturize and soothe nails and skin. Convenient to carry because it is a mini size that fits into the pocket. It is recommended that you keep 4 types as a set and leave them at work or at home. Massage not only protects the cuticles and nails from dryness and dryness, but also nourishes the matrix that forms the nails, and grows new and growing nails strong and healthy. Cuticle oil that contains abundant ingredients necessary for healthy and beautiful nails based on plant-derived oils such as safflower oil, sunflower seed oil, and white seed oil. Replenish nutrients lost to toes and skin damaged by selected natural ingredients.
Also, there will be a high-quality fragrance at the moment of everyday life, and the aroma will give your heart a good feeling. Rub the nail cuticle into the nail cuticle.

Cuccio Mini Cuticle Revitalizing Oils 4-Pack