Pedi-SoxTM is The Original toeless pedicure sock. Pedi-SoxTM is an additional step in the pedicure process that provide solutions to everyday pedicure dilemmas - ie. dry skin, cold feet, polish perfection and happy healthy feet. Pedi-SoxTM encourages pedicure services if cold, keeping freshly pedicured feet comfy, cozy & clean. Moisturizers absorb better for softer smoother skin, and calluses, cracked or problem skin just fade away with SofSpa Softening Treatments. Pedi-SoxTM will luxuriate & prolong the pleasure of your pedicure experience - year-round. They just make your pedicure better!


Blessed Pedi-Sox

    • Locks in moisture
    • Keep feet warm, cozy, and clean during pedicure service. Perfect for applying your own nail polish
    • One size fits most socks that are great for home and spa use while locking in moisture
    • Can be worn with flip-flops and allow freedom for your toes
    • One size fits all
    • Super Stretchy acrylic & nylon blend
    • Machine washable
    • Mid-Ped design