Get everything you need in the Presto-X Aprés Gel-X Kit. A beautiful partnership has inspired new products that spark new ideas for nail technicians and everyone else loves a good mani. This kit includes a bunch of goodies bundled together for one affordable price.

The Presto-X Aprés Gel-X Kit comes complete with a 10g bottle of Presto-X Aprés All In One Extend Gel and a 10g of Presto Top Gel. The bundle includes an Aprés X- Lite to cure nails remotely. One 180 nail file, and one box of nail tips from BritneyTOKYO. Each box contains 250 tips in 10 sizes. This is the perfect kit to elevate your skills and take your nails to the next level.

Apres Nail Labo G-X Kit Heart Square MediumTip NLSET-SMHeart

  • What’s Included:

    • 10g Presto-X Aprés All In One Extend Gel
    • 10g Presto Top Gel
    • Aprés X-Lite
    • 180 Nail File (1)

    BritneyTOKYO Heart Cut-Out Tips (250 pieces)